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Student Dress

Westside School is committed to developing and maintaining a positive and safe learning environment with a challenging and meaningful curriculum, which will motivate students to learn and develop the knowledge and skills to prepare them for the future.
Part of maintaining a safe school environment is having students dress appropriately for school.  Dress should not detract from the school’s mission, nor should it present a health or safety problem for the student or others. Students are prohibited from wearing any “gang-related apparel”.
The Westside policy on appropriate clothing for students is as follows:
    • No open-toed shoes, no shoes without heel straps. 
    • No shoes with clunky or high heels. 
    • Students are expected to participate in PE and the above-mentioned shoes create a safety hazard. 
    • Tennis shoes or hiking-type boots are best.
  • TOPS
    • Shirts or tops that fit comfortably but show no midriff or underwear.
    • Tank/racerback tops with loose armholes, “crop tops”, spaghetti straps, or halter-tops are all unacceptable. 
    • No inappropriate slogans or advertising.
  • PANTS                          
    • Must stay up on their own – no baggy pants, no underwear showing, no pajama bottoms, no excessive holes that show skin.
    • Jeans with holes are the current style, please be sure that students wear tights, leggings, shorts, or compression shorts so that skin does not show.
  • SHORTS/SKIRTS        
    • Must be fingertip length or longer.  Tight, short shorts or skirts are inappropriate for the learning environment and are not allowed.
    • All coats, sweaters, and jackets should be labeled inside with the student’s name.
  • MAKE-UP/HAIR           
    • No make-up is allowed.  Clear lip balm for health reasons only is allowed. 
    • Hair should be worn in a style that is not disruptive to the school setting.
  • HATS/HOODS             
    • Hats and hoods are to be worn outdoors only. 
    • Students need to remove hats/hoods when they enter a room. 
    • If a student is wearing a hat indoors he/she will be asked to remove it.

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