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School Site Council

2020-2021 School Site Council Members:
Niamh Conner – Principal
Kristina Planting-Teacher Member
Dena VanCleef-Teacher Member
Stacey Jurich-Teacher member
Cheri Rusch-Other Staff
Brian Thomas-Parent/Community Member
Brittany Smith-Parent/Community Member
Donna Hutchins-Parent/Community Member
Brandon Hicks-Parent/Community Member
Alexandra King-Parent/Community Member
The duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Obtain recommendations for, and review of, the proposed Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) from all school advisory committees.
  • Participate in regular training on SSC roles and responsibilities.
  • Develop and approve the SPSA and related categorical expenditures in accordance with all state and federal law and district regulations.
  • Recommend the SPSA and categorical expenditures to the TRUSD Board of Education for approval.
  • Provide ongoing review of the implementation of the SPSA with the principal, teachers, and other school staff members.
  • Make modifications to the SPSA whenever the need arises.
The Bylaws call for our School Site Council to meet a minimum of five times per year.  Meeting notices will be posted on the office window 72 prior to any meeting.   

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School Site Council Agendas