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Distance Learning

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Distance Learning - How will this all Work?

Distance Learning- How will this all Work ??

Attendance Tracking during Distance LearningAlthough we are not seeing students in person, teachers are required to track daily student attendance. Teachers be monitoring attendance based on students attending live lessons, and completing assignments and assessments.For K-6 there will be a 20 minute morning meeting where attendance is taken. (All schools are required to take attendance during this morning meeting according to Senate Bill 98 which guides Distance Learning)

What are the different types of Instruction?

There will be what a mixture of live (synchronous) instruction and asynchronous instruction daily. The live/synchronous instruction will be held after the morning meeting and it is a time where the teacher will be meeting with either the whole class or small groups of students.The asynchronous instruction can be a mixture of i-ready computer program, watching a video-taped lesson, working on assignments, and teachers may also pull small groups of students during this time or possible pull individual students)There will be no live instruction between 11:30 and 1:00 daily during the Daily Lunch Program Pick Up.

Where will students find their lessons daily?

The platform for instruction all teachers district wide will be using is Google Classroom. The teachers will post their daily schedule with details of student assignments/tasks, and how to log into their live instruction.Individual Teachers/Grade levels will be reach out with more specific information about their class/grade.